Posted on November 07 2016

“And when I speak, I don't speak as a Democrat. Or a Republican. Nor an American. I speak as a victim of America's so-called democracy. You and I have never seen democracy - all we've seen is hypocrisy. When we open our eyes today and look around America, we see America not through the eyes of someone who has enjoyed the fruits of Americanism. We see America through the eyes of someone who has been the victim of Americanism. We don't see any American dream. We've experienced only the American nightmare.”

― Malcolm X


As you can tell by the two pictures I chose for this blog post, our country is extremely divided at this point. With the presidential election less than 24 hours away, our country is at a crossroads.  I read the other day the above quote by Malcolm X and for some reason, it touched a nerve.  I have seen the movie and read the autobiography, but this time, it really just made sense.  There are numerous people who live in our country who feel like they have no hope and no dream to aspire for.  There are many conservatives who will use the phrase “you need to pull yourself up by your own boot straps”, but what if you do not have any boots to pull up? What if you were never given the direction or the opportunity to learn how to make a living on your own?  So many Americans live in poverty each and every day but never have received the proper training or proper education to live the so called “American Dream.”  So many Americans feel oppressed to the point that they do not feel that a democrat or a republican can help them put food on the table and give their children a way out.  That is the reason why Colin Kaepernick began to kneel for the National Anthem.  He was not doing it to gain notoriety or to gain more money.  Kaepernick used his platform to bring awareness to an issue that countless of others try to sweep under the rug.  It could have cost him endorsements and it could have ran him out of the NFL but, when you stand, or in this case kneel, for what you believe in, doing what is right is all that should be considered.  So our “Life is…Courageous” shirt is just to show our support for Colin Kaepernick and for everyone who stands on the side of the oppressed individuals in our society.  It is not a black or white issue but it is a right or wrong issue. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

We refuse to be silent



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