My Story


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” … or so they say, but what if the images we behold are inconsistent representations of our reality? I asked myself this question while sitting in the barbershop chair. Through the door, an African American gentleman walked in with his two year old daughter. On his shirt was a picture of Marilyn Monroe, with one word anchored over her… “beauty”.  As I looked at his daughter’s brown face and curly hair, I noted the contrast of her features to the printed image on her father’s shirt; and smiled at her innocence and pure beauty. 

I thought about my own two year old daughter, Laila, and how I wanted her and this young girl to understand that they were in fact beautiful just the way they are. Slogans like “Black is beautiful” and “Black is powerful” came to mind, and for a while I thought that might be my niche… not realizing everything would soon change. On August 20th 2015, Laila passed away from pneumonia and complications from prematurity.

It was then that I realized my clothing line was about much more. We take life for granted. We never know which day will be our last or when we will see our loved ones for a final time. Loving life to the fullest extent, and cherishing each day as if it’s the only one we have is what we should strive for. My hope is that Terrence Christopher will inspire each person wearing it, or even those who take a small glance at the website, to love themselves exactly as they are, and live each day like there is no tomorrow. 

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